COURSE TITLE : HE0727 : Certified HACCP Professional (CHP): Food Hygiene & Food Safety Management
COURSE DATE : Apr 14 - Apr 18 2024
INSTRUCTOR : Mr. Douglas Robinson Days
VENUE : Istanbul, Turkey
COURSE FEE : $ 6000
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Date : Jul 07 - Jul 11 (5 Days) Location : Dubai, UAE Classroom Fee (US$) : $ 5500 Course Info
Date : Oct 28 - Nov 01 (5 Days) Location : Abu Dhabi, UAE Classroom Fee (US$) : $ 5500 Course Info

Course Description

This practical and highly-interactive course includes real-life case studies and exercises where participants will be engaged in a series of interactive small groups and class workshops. Food hygiene issues have become so complex that traditional attention to cleanliness and maintenance is not enough. The general principles of food hygiene follow the food chain from primary production through to the consumer, highlighting the key hygiene controls at each stage. The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), is an effective tool to enhance food safety management, thoroughly looks at food preparation to identify the root cause of potential problems and to establish corrective or control measures. HACCP system is a preventative food safety management system that can be applied throughout the food supply chain from primary production to the consumer. HACCP is internationally recognized as the most effective way to manage safe food, providing a structure for objective assessment of what can go wrong and requiring controls to be put in place to prevent problems. In its simplest form, HACCP is an assessment of all the chemical, physical and biological hazards which may contaminate food and cause illness or injury when the food is consumed. When these hazards are identified, appropriate steps must then be taken to eliminate the hazard where possible or reduce the risk (illness or injury) to a safe and acceptable level. The system also requires certain records to be kept as proof that food safety is being managed.This course is designed to provide a broad understanding of the principles of food hygiene and HACCP systems and how to make the best use of them in terms of food handling. It will equip participants with the ability to develop, implement, and manage effective food safety management system. The course will teach the participants every aspect of food hygiene, HACCP, and sanitation from purchasing and receiving food to properly washing the dishes. The course will cover hazards to food safety; the factors affecting food-borne illness; food safety regulations; food purchasing, receiving and storage; food preparing, holding, serving and reheating; HACCP principles and procedures; and facility plan link to course overview PDF


This interactive training course includes the following training methodologies as a percentage of the total tuition hours

Workshops & Work Presentations
Case Studies & Practical Exercises
Videos, Software & Simulators

In an unlikely event, the course instructor may modify the above training methodology before or during the course for technical reasons.


If this course is delivered online as a Virtual Training, the following limitations will be applicable

Certificates: Only soft copy certificates will be issued to participants through Haward’s Portal. This includes Wallet Card Certificates if applicable
Training Materials: Only soft copy Training Materials (PDF format) will be issued to participant through the Virtual Training Platform
Training Methodology: 80% of the program will be theory and 20% will be practical sessions, exercises, case studies, simulators or videos
Training Program: The training will be for 4 hours per day starting at 09:30 and ending at 13:30
H-STK Smart Training Kit: Not Applicable
Hands-on Practical Workshops: Not Applicable
Site Visit: Not Applicable
Simulators: Only software simulators will be used in the virtual courses. Hardware simulators are not applicable and will not be used in Virtual Training


Certified HAZOP Leader: Advanced Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

HE0002 : Certified HAZOP Leader: Advanced Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

Certified Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) Profesional

HE0249 : Certified Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) Profesional

NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate

HE0942 : NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate

Professional Crisis Management Specialist 
(In Accordance with BS 11200:2014)

HE1394 : Professional Crisis Management Specialist (In Accordance with BS 11200:2014)