Who we are

High Class Training for Engineers

Haward Technology is the largest accredited technical training company in the world . We have over 8,000 various courses and more than 1,000 employees worldwide.

Our diversity and determination are the drive enforcing our mission to provide highly specialized technical training for Oil, Gas, Process, Power and Petrochemical industries, bridging the gap in the engineering knowledge between the West and Middle Eastern countries.

Our courses, seminars, and workshops feature a balanced fusion of theory, practical application, and industry best practice. We bring together the world's most brilliant engineers and highly experienced specialists, employing 800 instructors and organizing over 1,000 training courses per year in various engineering disciplines.

Coming from the Heart of Technology, our instructors are authorities in their fields, having numerous registered patents and inventions. Our courses, reflect the latest technologies, brilliantly oriented to practical and real-life approaches.

Our Mission

Haward Technology’s aim to provide internationally-accredited technical and professional development courses, seminars & workshops and related engineering services to various oil, gas, process, power and government companies in various locations worldwide, is our ultimate mission, prompting a contribution to the advancement and improvement of such industries through the training and professional development of their employees.

Our Vision

We are constantly inspired and guided by our vision to be the leading provider and trademark of high-quality technical training programs; to become the promoter of technology transfer, excelling through continuous improvement and new initiatives in training and professional development services.

Our Values

  • Honesty

  • Speed

  • Quality

Haward Technology specializes in

Process & Chemical Engineering
Electrical & Power Engineering
Instrumentations, Control, Telecommunications & Computer Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Maintenance, Reliability & Rotating Equipment Engineering
Facility Integrity, Inspection, Metallurgy & Corrosion Engineering
Subsurface Production Operations, Drilling, Reservoir & Petroleum Engineering
Structural & Civil Engineering
Marine & Offshore Engineering
Analytical Laboratory, Analyzers, R&D and R&T Engineering
Water and Waste Water Treatment Engineering
Renewable Energy Engineering (Nuclear, Solar, Wind, Biothermal,etc)
General Engineering
Safety, Health & Environmental Engineering & Management
Railways Engineering & Management
Technical & Executive Management
Project Management & Engineering
Logistics, Transportation, Inventory & Supply Chain Management
Finance Management
Human Resource Management & Training
Defence, Security & Military Management
Soft Skills
Contracts, Purchasing & Procurement Management