COURSE TITLE : EE0399 : Certified HV Electrical Safety Refresher Course
COURSE DATE : Mar 03 - Mar 07 2024
INSTRUCTOR : Dr. Hassan Ibrahim Days
VENUE : Dubai, UAE
COURSE FEE : $ 5500
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Date : Jun 03 - Jun 07 (5 Days) Location : Abu Dhabi, UAE Classroom Fee (US$) : $ 5500 Course Info
Date : Sep 01 - Sep 05 (5 Days) Location : Al Khobar, KSA Classroom Fee (US$) : $ 5500 Course Info
Date : Dec 08 - Dec 12 (5 Days) Location : Istanbul, Turkey Classroom Fee (US$) : $ 6000 Course Info

Course Description

This practical and highly-interactive course includes real-life case studies and exercises where participants will be engaged in a series of interactive small groups and class workshops. High voltage electrical systems require the special application of maintenance, repair, test, and safety procedures. Personnel must be trained in special precautions to ensure both personnel and workplace safety. IEC specifies essential requirements regarding protection against electric shock of persons and livestock. It deals also with the application and co-ordination of these requirements in relation to external influences, give also the various limits of the effects of 50 Hz alternating current on humans and define 4 main risk zones, and IEC application to residual current operated circuitbreakers functionally independent of, or functionally dependent on, line voltage. OSHA requires training for all qualified employees performing operations or maintenance work, or who have access to electrical power generation, transmission and distribution installations as well as HSE personnel who are in charge of the safety and health of the employees, public and facilities. Various IEC, OSHA, IEEE, European and NFPA safety procedures are reviewed. In this interactive course, group exercises include the development of safe-work protocols, use of lockout/tagout (LOTO), maintenance task rehearsal, and equipment preparation. Calculations of fault current, arc-flash hazards, and proper PPE selection are studied. Other technical topics covered include insulation testing (IR/PI/DAR/DD), four-wire Kelvin low-resistance testing, corona detection by ultrasonic and RF detectors, and signature analysis using an infrared imager.This course is designed to provide participants with a detailed and an up-to-date overview of HV electrical safety. It covers the HV equipment; testing and commissioning; the electrical hazards and safety management; the de-energized and energized work; and the confined space and personnel protection.


This interactive training course includes the following training methodologies as a percentage of the total tuition hours

Workshops & Work Presentations
Case Studies & Practical Exercises
Videos, Software & Simulators

In an unlikely event, the course instructor may modify the above training methodology before or during the course for technical reasons.


If this course is delivered online as a Virtual Training, the following limitations will be applicable

Certificates: Only soft copy certificates will be issued to participants through Haward’s Portal. This includes Wallet Card Certificates if applicable
Training Materials: Only soft copy Training Materials (PDF format) will be issued to participant through the Virtual Training Platform
Training Methodology: 80% of the program will be theory and 20% will be practical sessions, exercises, case studies, simulators or videos
Training Program: The training will be for 4 hours per day starting at 09:30 and ending at 13:30
H-STK Smart Training Kit: Not Applicable
Hands-on Practical Workshops: Not Applicable
Site Visit: Not Applicable
Simulators: Only software simulators will be used in the virtual courses. Hardware simulators are not applicable and will not be used in Virtual Training


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