COURSE TITLE : HE1783 : Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) for Doctors
COURSE DATE : Jan 10 - Jan 14 2024
INSTRUCTOR : Mr. Ahmad Al-Manshawi Days
VENUE : Dubai, UAE
COURSE FEE : $ 5500
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Date : Nov 05 - Nov 09 (5 Days) Location : Dubai, UAE Classroom Fee (US$) : $ 5500 Course Info

Course Description

This practical and highly-interactive course includes various practical sessions and exercises. Theory learnt will be applied using one of our stateof-the-art first aid simulators. This course is designed to provide participants with a detailed and up-to-date overview of Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) for Doctors. It covers the role of ACLS in patient outcomes; the roles and responsibilities of doctors in ACLS situations; the BLS principles as a foundation for ACLS including CPR and AED usage; the key changes in ACLS from BLS and the systematic approach to patient care in ACLS; the ACLS algorithms for various cardiac conditions; and the bradycardia and tachycardia algorithms, cardiac arrest algorithms and post-cardiac arrest care algorithm. Further, the course will also discuss the drugs commonly used in ACLS and their roles including epinephrine, amiodarone and atropine; the advanced airway techniques covering endotracheal intubation and use of supraglottic devices; the ACLS techniques for special situations comprising of stroke, acute coronary syndromes, and opioid overdose; using capnography in ACLS to assess ventilation and circulation; and managing a patient during cardiac arrest, including alternating CPR with defibrillation and drug administration.During this interactive course, participants will learn the post-arrest care covering considerations and interventions following return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC); the specific roles and responsibilities of team leaders and members in a resuscitation effort; the effective communication techniques during resuscitation; the importance of debriefing after resuscitation attempts and providing/receiving constructive feedback; and the team-based resuscitation scenarios and detailed care sequence resuscitation including intervention and intensive care. link to course overview PDF


This interactive training course includes the following training methodologies as a percentage of the total tuition hours

Workshops & Work Presentations
Case Studies & Practical Exercises
Videos, Software & Simulators

In an unlikely event, the course instructor may modify the above training methodology before or during the course for technical reasons.


If this course is delivered online as a Virtual Training, the following limitations will be applicable

Certificates: Only soft copy certificates will be issued to participants through Haward’s Portal. This includes Wallet Card Certificates if applicable
Training Materials: Only soft copy Training Materials (PDF format) will be issued to participant through the Virtual Training Platform
Training Methodology: 80% of the program will be theory and 20% will be practical sessions, exercises, case studies, simulators or videos
Training Program: The training will be for 4 hours per day starting at 09:30 and ending at 13:30
H-STK Smart Training Kit: Not Applicable
Hands-on Practical Workshops: Not Applicable
Site Visit: Not Applicable
Simulators: Only software simulators will be used in the virtual courses. Hardware simulators are not applicable and will not be used in Virtual Training


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