Instructor's Summary

Mr. Melvene Sanford

Mr. Melvene Sanford, MSc, BSc, is a Senior Instrumentation & Controls Engineer with over 35 years of extensive industrial experience.  His expertise includes Fiber Optics Technology & Application, Industrial Electronics, Systems Control & Maintenance, Industrial Data Communications & Telecommunications,  Security and Protection, PLC Maintenance & Troubleshooting, Installing, Troubleshooting & Repairing Hardware, Software & Peripherals, Robotics, Mechanical Handling System & Automation, SCADA, DCS and Networking.  He gained his expertise & thorough practical experience through several challenging positions as a Systems Administrator, Engineering & Maintenance Technical Trainer, Automation Engineer, Network Administrator, and as Head Engineer for Robotics & Automation.

Currently, Mr. Sanford is the Network Manager & Senior Computer Consultant for MBS Assessment Centre.  He previously spent more than two decades working closely with General Motors Corporation (GMC) where he spearheaded the Technical Training of Engineering & Maintenance personnel whilst managing the troubleshooting & maintenance of Automation & Robotics (Mechanical Handling Systems).  During his career life, he has built-up an excellent reputation in his field.  His lengthy career has made him well knowledgeable in the application and operation of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), SCADA systemsRS View & Logic 500, Fiber Optics Technology & Application, Industrial Electronics, Industrial Data Communications & Telecommunications and the configuration of  TCP/IP, NetBEUI, and NWLink IPX/SPX NetBIOS protocols on 10/100 CAT-5 Ethernet.

Mr. Sanford has a Master and Bachelor degrees in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, a Certificate in Microsoft Operating Systems, Allen Bradley Panel View, Automated Systems and is a Certified IT Professional & Trainer for PLC-5.