Instructor's Summary

Mr. Brendon Billings

Mr. Brendon Billings, MSc, BSc, is a Senior Petroleum Engineer and Well Service Consultant with over 30 years of international experience in Drilling/Reservoir/Petroleum Engineering and Well Service Operations. He is a recognized authority in “Hands OnService and Drilling Operations, Well Completions (Riggless Operations), Product Optimization, Wellhead Operations, Wellbore Interventions, High Volume Lift Project Management, Reservoir Optimization, Well Testing, Wire/Slickilne Equipment and Operations, Coil Tubing, Water Flooding, Electric Submersible Pumps (ESPs), Gas Lifts & Steam Assist Gravity Drain (SAGD) Applications, Facility Inspection, Root Cause Failure Management and Power Factor Management. Currently, he is the President of a large specialized engineering services provider to the North-American Sedimentary Basin Production and other international clients. Moreover, he occupies a consultant position and remains to offer his expertise in many areas of the drilling discipline and is well recognized & respected for his process, procedural expertise, modus operandi as well as ongoing participation, interest and experience in continuing to promote technology to producers around the world.

Throughout his long career life, Mr. Billings has worked for many international companies and has spent several years managing technically complex wellbore interventions in both drilling & servicing. He is a well regarded for his process, procedural expertise and modus operandi. Further, he was the Projects Manager at Sherrit Petreola where he was fully responsible for all Reservoir Development activities. He has spent more than 2000 days total on Rig Floors for Drilling (onshore/offshore) and Well Servicing Operations jobs. Mr. Billings was the Senior Applications Expert for Schlumberger Canada (REDA Services) where he was greatly involved in high volume lift and reservoir optimization projects including specialty endeavours like SAGD and Gas Lift. He lead special projects for alternative technology applications and was referred to as the ‘technical specialist’ for severe services on ESP applications and had provided in-house & client instruction for ESP application schooling. Previously, he was the Artificial Lift Services Developer for Weatherford, a leading provider of oilfield services equipment for drilling, evaluation, completion, production and intervention areas. Herein, he was tasked to introduce new ESP technology and lead a project team for ESP facility development & design. Much earlier in his career, he has held positions such as Operations Supervisor, Rig Consultant, Project Manager, Regional Manager, Engineering Representative, International Engineering Support Technician, Facility Services Manager and Power Plant Engineer.

Mr. Billings has Master and Bachelor degrees in Petroleum Engineering and Power Engineering. He is a licensed Professional Engineer and a well respected member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). Further, he has conducted numerous industry short courses and SPE workshops.