Instructor's Summary

Mr. Mohammed Nassar

Mr. Mohammed Nassar, is a Senior Process Engineer with an extensive practical experience within the Oil, Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical and Power industries. His experience covers Clean Fuel Technology & Standards, Clean Fuel Specification, Emission Regulation, Crude Oil Production, Desulphurization, Synthesis Gas Production, Naphtha Isomerization, Diesel Fuel Additives, Storage Tanks Filtration, Fuel Quality Inspection, Process Plant Troubleshooting & Engineering Problem Solving, Process Equipment Operation, Process Plant Operation, Process Plant Start-up & Commissing, Process Plant Optimization, Oil & Gas Field Operation, Oil Movement, Storage & Troubleshooting, Petroleum Refinery Process, Process Reactor Operation & Troubleshooting, LPG Oil & Gas Operation & Troubleshooting, Crude Oil & LNG Storage, LNG & LPG Plants Gas Processing, Refinery Process Operations Technology, Liquid Bulk Cargo Handling, Gas Conditioning & Processing Technology, Distillation Column Design & Operation and Gasoline & Diesel Fuel Technology. Further he is also well-versed in Refinery Operational Economics & Profitablity, Aromatics Manufacturing Process, Hydrogen Production Operation, Steam Reforming Technology, Gas Treating, Hydro-treating & Hydro-Cracking, Catalyst Material Handling, Gas Sweetening & Sulfur Recovery, Hydro Carbon Dew Point (HCDP) Control, Heat Exchangers & Fired Heaters, Amine Gas Sweetening, Plastic Additives Selection & Application, Crude & Vaccum Process Technology, Flare & Pressure Relief Systems, Stock Management & Tank Dipping Calculation, NGL Recovery & Fractionation, Refrigerant & NGL Extraction and Catalytic Craking & Reforming.

During his long professional career, Mr. Nassar worked as a Refinery Manager, Operations Manager, Section Head/Superintendent and Process Engineer for Process Units, Utilities & Oil Movement in various companies.  He has been responsible for a number of technological-driven world-scale hydrocarbon processing projects from beginning to successful start-up.

Mr. Nassar has a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering.  He is an active member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and has presented technical papers at its several national meetings.  He has largely participated in the start-up of seven world-scale process plants which made him an International Expert in Process Plant Start-Up and Oil Movement and a Certified Instructor/Trainer.