Instructor's Summary

Mr. James Roux

Mr. James Roux, MSc, BSc, is a Senior Electrical Engineer with over 25 years of industrial experience in Europe, Australia, the Middle East and South African regions. He is currently the Engineering Manager of Alstom, the global leader in power generation systems and technology

During his career life, Mr. Roux worked as the Senior Site Engineer of Aggreko International Power Projects where he was in charge of the On-Site Installation and Maintenance of Diesel Generators (Motor and Alternator), A/Cs, Load Banks and Chillers, On-shore Power and Load Testing to FPSO’s, Oil Rigs and emergency power stations to various countries, Design of HV/MV Substations, Maintenance of Transformers and Circuit Breakers/Switchgears, etc.   He also worked as the Project Engineer with Atlas Consulting Engineers wherein he directed  the designing of Power Back-up System (Generator and Inverter or UPS), Lighting, Power Skirting, Networking, Alarm, Fire Protection, Voltage Stabilising, Access Control, Metering and all required electrical service  and Installation of Electrical Reticulation and all associated services.  Further, he had been the Consulting Engineer of BFBA Consultants where he provided Engineering Consultancy services which included Electrical Design (Power & Lighting), Air Conditioning, Smoke Detection and Access Control.    

The early stage of his career was spent working as an Electrical Engineer for CBI and ESKOM. His experience included overseeing of subcontractors during Facility Building, Testing of Equipment, Marketing of products to industry, Maintenance of Electrical and Mechanical plant, Commissioning of EHV (800kV) distribution stations, Research into all aspects of plant failure and the Design and Building of equipment to solve and prevent plant failures.  Among his many accomplishments was the Design and Implementation of the first privately owned High Current Laboratory in Africa.

Mr. Roux has Master and Bachelor degrees in Electrical Engineering and a Diploma in Business Management.