Instructor's Summary

Mr. Dennis Miller

Mr. Dennis Miller, MSc, BSc, is a Senior Electro-Mechanical Engineer with over 35 years of experience within the Power Generation industry. His extensive expertise includes Power Substation Engineering, Power Plant Economic Dispatch, Troubleshooting, Maintenance & Rehabilitation, Protective Relaying, Centrifugal Compressors, Bearing Maintenance and the Design, Operation, Control, Troubleshooting & Maintenance of Generators, Gas & Steam Turbines. He is the Founder of Enterprise Programs where he leads in providing consultancy and turbine & generator maintenance services.

Much of his career life was spent with General Electric (GE) where he had been a Gas Turbine Manager, Turbine Start-Up Engineer, a Field Engineer and a Training Coordinator for the entire Western Region (USA). By then, he had developed training courses and conducted technical trainings on all types of General Electric Power Generation Equipment including all types of steam turbines and their controls, gas turbines (heavy and aircraft) and generators and their controls. He also gave courses on Westinghouse, BBC and Siemens Steam Turbines in the field of Operator and Maintenance.

Mr. Miller has Master and Bachelor degrees in Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Technology. He has Diplomas in Business Administration, General Electric Installation and Service Engineering, Start-up Engineering Program, Speech Communication and Financial Planning. He is a well-regarded and active member of the National American Society for Training and Development and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).