Instructor's Summary

Mr. Jorge Palma

Mr. Jorge Palma is a Senior Civil Engineer with over 35 years of extensive experience and specialization in Civil, Port and Coastal Engineering. His expertise covers Engineering Design, Concrete Structural Design, Offshore Structures Design and Port & Coastal Construction. Specifically, he has huge experience in ASME, ACI, ANSI, API, ISO, GOST, SNIP Standards and Codes, FEED process, high rise building construction and design, marine port and coastal engineering design, breakwater technology, dredging, prefabricated concrete solutions and built up, land reclamation, earth movement, maritime transport, floating cranes, tugs pushers and pontoons, sheet piling and piles driving. He is also well adept to construction of cooling channels, design of floating docks, berthing and mooring structures, and hydraulic bridges. He is currently the Senior Project Manager of Port Engineering Group, wherein he leads in all preconstruction design, analysis and construction. He has further successfully delivered major project programs in excess of ($1.0 billion) requirements prior to deadlines whilst managing 3,000 workers under strict QHSE standards.

Mr. Palma worked with several international projects in the Caribbean Islands, Central America, Western, Eastern and North Europe, Asia and Africa such as Panama Container Port Expansion, Palo Alto Sugar Cargo Terminal, Cienfuegos  Nuclear Power Plant, Havana Floating Dock Pier, Havana Container Terminal and Felton  Power Plant Channel just to name a few. During those periods, he occupied prime positions such as a Project Director, Senior Project Manager, Senior Consultant, Construction Director, Construction Manager and Civil Engineer.

Mr. Palma has a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from the Odessa State Marine Academy in Spain and a Diploma in Coastal Engineering from the University of Cantabria in Spain. Further, he is an active member of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).