Instructor's Summary

Mr. Ahmed Sabry

Mr. Ahmed Sabry is a Senior Communications & Control Engineer with extensive experience in the Petroleum, Petrochemical, Power, Pipelines and Communication industries. His specialization covers the areas of Optical Fiber System, SDH Network, WDM, Advanced SCADA, PLC, DCS, Fieldbus, APC, Smart Instrumentation and Data Communication.  He is currently the Operations & Maintenance Manager of National Advanced Control Center (NATA) which is a natural gas transmission company and at the same time, he is the Technical Manager of the SCADA Innovations.

Mr. Ahmed has handled wide-ranging responsibilities in communication, control and instrumentation engineering throughout his career life. He started as ODM Engineer for a multinational communication company in their wireless access solution department. This gave him the chance to join another multinational communication company working in optical fiber cables and SDH transmission providing backbone communication networks for SCADA projects in oil and natural gas industries. Later on in his career, he worked for a natural gas transmission company as a Senior SCADA Engineer and took the responsibility for installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of SCADA systems and its communication links.

Mr. Ahmed has a Bachelor degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering. He is a certified PMP Project Manager. Further, he has certifications in SDH, Advanced PLC and Advanced SCADA engineering from ABB Italy and he has published numerous books such as “Control Centers”, Remote Terminal Units & Communication” and “SCADA” just to name a few.