Instructor's Summary

Mr. Magdy Tawfik

Mr. Magdy Tawfik, MSc, BSc, is a Senior Offshore Engineer with over 25 years of extensive industrial experience in inspection & maintenance of subsea pipeline & offshore structure, pipeline inspection, integrity assessment, maintenance and pigging technology within the offshore/onshore oil, gas and petrochemical industries.  He is considered as an International Expert in the different aspects of pipeline inspection, integrity assessment, maintenance, pigging & monitoring, including intelligent pigging, ROV, radiography & ultrasonic pipeline inspection, pipeline pigging, the development of new pipeline pigging systems, pigging technology & equipments, the operation of existing systems, pig selection, pigging sequences, the utilization of inline inspection tools, and the equipment post-installation, commissioning, preventive maintenance, overhauling and troubleshooting.

Mr. Tawfik had been for so many years, the Director for Pigging Operations for one of the largest maintenance petroleum companies in the Middle East.  Herein, he had gained broad and comprehensive experience in the technical and operational areas of pipeline pigging, its techniques and latest technologies applied in the oil and gas industry.  Further, he was the Manager of the Offshore Operations wherein he was tasked to set the required regulations and systems to ensure the best performance, direct the day-to-day maintenance operations for offshore pipelines & risers.  This included inspection, pigging, maintenance and rehabilitation.  Further, he was in charge of the maintenance and revamp projects.

Mr. Tawfik has Master and Bachelor degrees in Mechanical Engineering.