Instructor's Summary

Captain Peter Walsh

Captain Peter Walsh, MS, BA is a Master US Merchant Marine Officer with over 30 years of experience. His diverse experience includes vessel operations, logistics, project management & quality assurance, maintenance, safety, training, piloting and navigation.

Captain Walsh first began his career in the US Air Force as a Traffic Management Supervisor. During his tenure, he established overseas distribution activities and warehousing facilities including the first intermodal container facility in Europe. He was also a Trainer for ground and aircraft material handling equipment. Subsequently, he was the Facilities Planner at Boeing Company in Seattle, Washington, USA. His duties involved logistical planning for aircraft assembly, material handling and maintenance systems for the Boeing 747/767 aircraft. He established a plant supported waste disposal/energy recovery facility and system.  He was the Facilities Planning and Engineering project team leader. Later Captain Walsh was a Project Manager for the City Of Tacoma during construction and repair of the City’s infrastructure and systems.

In 1977 he entered in to logistics, vessel operation and maintenance and was a vessel master, owner and logistics consultant.  His services included logistics engineering, administration and management, vessel operations, preventative maintenance, analysis for hull and machinery, certification, documentation, survey and construction. His experience took him to UK where he was a facilities and logistics consultant. He formulated a proposal for the improvement of Northern African International aerial ports and marine terminals including material handling systems, support and maintenance facilities. He also supervised procurement and inventory control. Currently he is an Instructor in yacht handling, close-quarters manoeuvring, docking, anchoring, piloting, coastal navigation, communications and marine safety and a Captain on private and public charters aboard inspected passenger vessels, yachts, ferries operating in the waters of Puget Sound; British Columbia, CND; SE Alaska; Gulf of Alaska and Prince William Sound, AK.

Captain Peter Walsh has an MS and BA in Systems Management and Earth Science respectively. Further, he is STCW (Standards of Training, Certification & Watchkeeping) compliant in Bridge Resource Management (BRM), Basic Safety Training (BST), Advanced Fire Fighting, First Aid, CPR and Survival. He has also undergone marine security and terrorist training (MARSEC) for the United States Coast Guard and Department of Homeland Security.