Instructor's Summary

Mr. Ibrahim Niazy

Mr. Ibrahim Niazy, MSc, BSc  is a Senior Chemical Engineer with over 15 years of extensive experience in the Petrochemical industries.  Currently, Mr. Niazy is the General Plant Manager for one of the largest Fertilizer companies in the Middle East where he heads and oversees the overall production & process operations.  His lengthy experience coupled with exceptional management skills has made him well-regarded by many as a Specialist in the Design, Installation, Precommissioning, Commissioning, Start Up and Operations of Fertilizer Plants (Ammonia and Urea).  

Throughout his career, he has been supervising all the Production and Transportation activities, dealing with Safety in Process Design & Plant Debottlenecking, and had played a major and essential part during the plants Commissioning and Start-up, and had been one of the company’s major decision-makers for most of the plant’s problems and resolution.  Having adeptly familiarized his way through Fertilizer Production, Process Design & Troubleshooting, he had also been tasked to establish and manage all the production-related activities, Technical Process Investigation, Plant Troubleshooting, Optimization & Control and Plant & Equipment Design, Specification & Commissioning and to conduct the necessary and required trainings for technical and safety issues for technicians.

Mr. Niazy has a Masters and Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering.  He had been all over Europe, USA, the Middle East and Asia with numerous invitations for  fertilizer production-related trainings and conferences.