Instructor's Summary

Professor M. Akay

Professor M. Akay is currently the Professor of Polymer Science & Engineering at the University of Ulster, UK. He is an Authority in Polymer & Polymerization with over 38 years of industrial and academic experience in this area.

The technical specialty of Professor Akay includes Engineering Materials, Polymer science and engineering, Polymer-matrix Composites, Environmental engineering and Biomaterials. Professor Akay was the Production Manager of Viking Pulp & Paper Mill and, the Polymer Scientist of Donald Macpherson & Co Ltd before joining the University of Ulster.

Professor Akay is the External Examiner for Athlone Institute of Technology for their BEng in Polymer Engineering, BSc in Polymer Technology and the National Certificate/Diploma in Plastics Engineering Courses. He is also supervising and examining the MSc and PhD students of Polymer Science at the University of Manchester, the University of Limerick, Bournemouth University, Queen’s University, Dublin City University, the Robert Gordon University, the University of Newcastle, and the University of Sheffield, all in the UK.

Professor Akay is a Reviewer & Editor for the following journals: The Proceedings of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers; Composites; Polymers and Polymer Composites; Composites Manufacturing; Journal of Materials Science; and ASME Journal of Biomechanical Engineering.

Professor Akay has numerous publications. The following are his three recent publications:

  • B.J. Meenan, A. Boyd & M. Akay, Control of the Surface Morphology in Calcium Phosphate Thin-Films Deposited by Sputter Deposition. International Journal of Health Care Engineering: Technology and Health Care. 9 (1-2), 2001, 83-85.
  • A. Boyd, M. Akay and B. J. Meenan, ‘Influence of target surface degradation of r. f. magnetron-sputtered calcium phosphate coatings’, Surface and Interface Analysis, Vol. 35, 2003, pp 188-198.
  • M. Akay, G. R. Spratt, B. Meenan, ‘The effects of long-term exposure to high temperatures on the ILSS and impact performance of carbon fibre reinforced bismaleimide’,  Composites Science and Technology, Vol. 63, 2003, pp 1053-1059.

Professor Akay has PhD, Master and Bachelor degrees in Polymer Engineering from the University of Manchester, Institute of Science & Technology (UMIST).