Instructor's Summary

Dr. Yousef Al-Mashni

Dr. Yousef Al-Mashni, PhD, MSc, BSc, is an International Expert in Analytical Laboratory with over 35 years of extensive experience. He is an authority in Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Quality Management Systems (ISO 17025 and ISO 15189), Lab Safety & Health, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Safety Procedure in Laboratories. His wide expertise also covers Water Analysis & Reporting, Water Sampling & Testing, Water Analyzer, Medical Laboratory Auditing, ISO 15489, Infection Control, Internal Quality Control for Microbiologists, Analytical Techniques, Biochemical, Hematological, Parasitological, Biochemical, Microbiological & Serological Analysis of Clinical Specimens, Helmith Ova & Salmonella in Waste Water & Sludge, Microbiological Aspects & Analysis of Wastewater, Microbiology of Wetlands, Microbiological Indoor Air Quality, Entrococcus, Pseudomonas & Aeromonas, Sulfate Reducing Bacteria, Fluorescense Microscopy, Planktology of Ambient Environment, Oral, Medical & Diagnostic Microbiology and Oral & Dental Hygiene. Further, he is also well-versed in the areas of Food Hygiene and HACCP, Food Safety, Food Poisoning, First Aid & CPR and Fire Safety. He is currently the Deputy Principal & Chief Technical Instructor of UNRWA wherein he is responsible in developing and managing operations at the college/centre including building workshops and laboratories capacity, curriculum development and introducing new courses.


During his long career life, Dr. Yousef worked for many international companies handling key positions such as ICDL Centre Manager, Deputy Principal, Chief Technical Instructor, Acting Principal, Laboratory Supervisor, Technical Instructor, Technical & Vocational Instructor, Senior Medical Laboratory Technician and Medical Laboratory Technician.


Dr. Yousef has a PhD degree in Natural Health Sciences from the University of Florida (USA), Master degree in Clinical Microbiology and Bachelor degree with Honours in Microbiology. Further, he has Diploma in Vocational Education (UNRWA & UNESCO) and received several certifications like ICDL and Training of Trainers (TOT) in Cambridge University (England). He is a Certified Internal Verifier/Assessor/Trainer by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), a Certified Instructor/Trainer and an active member of Jordan Medical Laboratories Society, Technical Accreditation Committee of Medical Laboratories (Jordan Institution & Metrology) and the Technical Accreditation Committee for Granting ISO 15189 Certificate. Furthermore, he has also published numerous technical papers and books including Medical & Diagnostic Microbiology, Practical Competencies in Medical Laboratory Technology, Safety in Medical Laboratory Science and Quality Control in Medical Laboratory Science just to name a few.