Instructor's Summary

Mr. Yehia Mohamed

Mr. Yehia Mohamed, is a Senior Chemical Engineer with over 20 years of experience in various water and wastewater treatment process utilities and facilities including Commissioning, Start-up and Operation of Desalination Plants using RO Units, Potable Water Treatment Plants, Sewage Waste Water Biological Treatment Plants (Aerobic & Anaerobic), Chlorination Plants, Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plants, Demineralization Plants (using ion exchange resins), High & Low Pressure Boilers, Pre-treatment (Iron Removing) & Filtration Plants, De-oiling/De-sanding and Magnetic Contamination Removing Plants.  He is an expert in the application of American Petroleum Standard as well as HSE regulations. 

He is currently the Operations Manager of American Engineering.  His main area of responsibility lies on the commissioning, start-up and pre-operation of B.W. RO Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), Deionizer Unit and Iron Removal & Filtration Plant.

Mr. Mohamed started his successful career with the Electricity Authority where he was first an Operation Shift Engineer for Water Treatment Facilities.  Through merits he became the Start-up & Operation Engineer, and he continuously got promoted to the post of Operation Shift Leader.  During this time, his skills were honed on the overall technical processing necessary for the start-up and operation of Raw Water Pre-treatments & Potable Water Production Plants, Chlorination Plants, Demineralization Plants, Industrial Waste Treatment Plants, Sewage Water Treatment Plants, High Pressure Boilers Water Conditioning/Lay Up and Boiler Pre/Post Operation Chemical Cleaning Process.  Then he worked for the Sheikh Zayed City Potable Water Treatment Plant through his company Lurgi Bamag GmbH first as the Process Start-up & Operation Shift Leader, then later on, as the Operations Manager.  He extensively worked on Flash Mixers, Vortex Chambers, Tube Settler Clarifiers, Chemical Injection System, Chlorination Plant, Changeable Level Sand Filters complete with backwashing system and Treated/Irrigation Water Storage as well as Distribution Pumping Station.  Then he transferred to CIMI_MONTUBI where he was at first employed as Process Supervisor and was elevated to the position of Process Commissioning Supervisor.  He also worked for Degremont as the Operation Superintendent & Assistant Training Manager for the Gabal EL-Asfar Waste Water Treatment Plant.  He was responsible for the commissioning, start-up and operation of RO Plant and Potable Water Compact Unit (UCD), Pre-treatment Units (grease/sand removal), Primary Sedimentation Tanks, Aerobic/Anaerobic Biological Treatment including primary & secondary digesters, Sludge Thickening Plants (gravity thickeners & dissolved air flotation), mechanical dewatering using belt press filters and fire fighting pumping stations.

Mr. Mohamed has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. Further, he is a Certified Trainer/Instructor.