Instructor's Summary

Captain Sergey Kole

Captain Sergey Kole, is an International Expert in Port Operations & Management with over 20 years of onshore and offshore experience within the Oil & Gas industry. His expertise evolves in Marine Terminal Operations & Management, Marine Hazards Prevention & Control, Marine Communication Systems, Marine Safety, Ship Management, Oil Terminal Planning, Vessels Operations, Terminal Management & Support Operations, Oil Spill Contingency & Emergency Response Plan, Qualitative & Quantitative Risk Assessments, Terminal Planning, Oil Tanker Storage Planning, Cargo Transfer Handling, Loading & Discharging, Ballasting, Tank Cleaning, Crude Oil Washing, Ship Handling and Radar Navigation. Further, he is well-versed in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats, Dynamic Positioning, Anti-Piracy Preparedness & Response, Shipping Maintenance System, Oil & Chemical Tanker, Liquefied Gas Tanker, Inert Gas System, Crude Oil Tanker & Gas Carrier, Offshore Logistics & Supply Management, Marine Fleet Management & Operations, International Maritime Conventions & Codes, Marine Radar, Port Traffic Control Systems & Instrumentation, H2S Hazard Awareness, Firefighting, Medical Care Onboard, Carriage of Dangerous & Hazardous Substances, Ballast Water & Sediment Management.


During his career life, Captain Sergey has gained his technical and marine expertise through various challenging and key positions such as the Captain, Port Master, Marine/Port Manager, Project Manager, Port Supervisor, Marine Coordinator, Operations Director, Chief Officer, 2nd Officer, Crewing Consultant and Ship Chandler for several international companies such as ZADCO, Rusalina Yacht Company, Jr Shipping, Carisbrooke Shipping, Unicorn Petrol ve Kimya, Q Shipping BV, Miedema Shipping CV, Rah Management BV, Petrobulk Maritime Inc., Empross Lines Ship Management, Melcard Ltd., Aquarian Shell Marine Inc. and Square Ltd.


Captain Sergey has a Bachelor degree in Navigation from the Kiev State Academy of Water Transport and Petrozavodsk River School, Ukraine respectively. He is a Certified Instructor/Trainer and has delivered various trainings, courses, seminars, workshops and conferences internationally.