Instructor's Summary

Mr. Charles Johnston

Mr. Charles Johnston, MSc, BSc, is a Senior Petroleum Engineer with over 35 years of extensive onshore & offshore experience in the petroleum, oil & gas industry.  His field of expertise lie mainly in the area of on Offshore Drilling; Production, Drilling & Workover Operations; Deep-High Pressure Exploratory Well Development & Subsea Completions; Reservoir Engineering; Advanced Drilling, Completions, Servicing & WorkOver Operations; Deviated & Horizontal Wells Engineering; Slickline and Perforating Operations; Well Bore Optimization; and Production Engineering.  Presently, he heads a leading consultancy and engineering company as its Drilling Consultant  where he is in charge of the drilling offshore deep high pressure exploratory wells, development wells & conventional and subsea completions.

His rich experience and lengthy career life has got him working with numerous international companies like ARAMCO, Marathon Oil (Gulf of Mexico & Indonesia), IMCO Drilling (Texas, USA), CNOOC (China National Offshore Oil Corporation), Benton Oil & Gas (Venezuela), LukOil-AIK (Russia), Pacific Petroleum (Russia), G&A International (Indonesia), and Petroleum Engineers International (Gulf of Mexico), and in varying capacities such as being the Consultant, the Vice President for Operations, the General Manager, Drilling Consultant, Drilling Advisor, Chief Production Engineer, Platform Superintendent, Advanced Drilling Engineer, Advanced Reservoir Engineer, Lead Production Engineer, Lead Operations Engineer, Assistant Manager, and as a Mud Engineer.

Furthermore, his passion for teaching brought him to establish linkage programs between universities and companies for courses he has greatly contributed in such as Drilling Fluids, Abnormal Pressure Detection, Wireline, Well Testing & Sampling, Deviated & Horizontal Wells Engineering, Production Engineering, Blowout Prevention, Advanced Reservoir Engineering, Pollution Control, Reservoir Geology, Nodal Analysis and Gas Lift Nodal Analysis.

Mr. Johnston has a Masters and Bachelors Degrees in Petroleum Engineering and is a highly regarded member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).