Instructor's Summary

Dr. Otto Andersen

Dr. Otto Andersen, PhD, MSc, BSc, is a Senior Analytical Chemist & HSE Consultant with over 35 years of academic and industrial experience in the Petrochemical, Oil & Gas industries. His expertise widely covers GC/MS Technology, High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Data & Method Validation in Analytical Laboratories, Analytical Laboratory & Instrumentation, Chemical Laboratory, Practical Problem Solving in Chemical Analysis, Practical Statistical Analysis of Lab Data, Laboratory Quality Management (ISO 17025), Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Further, he is also well-versed in Seawater Analysis, Industrial Ecology, Renewable Energy, HAZWOPER, Hazardous Chemicals and Hazardous Waste Management. Dr. Andersen is currently the Senior Researcher of Western Norway Research Institute wherein he is responsible for energy, laboratory and environmental aspects of industrial activity and life cycle assessment in new technologies and products.


During his career life, he had occupied several significant positions as the Senior Researcher, Guest Professor, Advanced Analytical Chemist, Advanced Biochemists, Scientist, Assistant Scientist, Junior Scientist, Researcher and Research Fellow with different companies and universities like 3M Pharmaceuticals, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, University of Minnesota and Shanghai University just to name a few. He has been the Chief Editor for American Institute of Mathematical Science (AIMS), NTNU University External Examiner and Peer Reviewer of various international journals and institutes.


Dr. Andersen has PhD degrees in Industrial Ecology and Transport, Development and Planning from the University of Aalborg (Denmark) and Master & Bachelor degree in Analytical Biochemistry from the University of Oslo (Norway).  He is a Certified Instructor/Trainer and a Certified Environmental Auditor.  Further, he has published numerous books and scientific journals, magazines and papers as well as delivered various trainings and workshops worldwide.