Instructor's Summary

Mr. Mike Taylor

Mr. Mike Taylor, MScLI, MBA, MBL, BSc, is a Senior Management Consultant with over 20 years of extensive experience in the areas of Facilitation & Leadership Skills, Coaching, Human Resource Development, Psychometric Testing, Career Development & Competence, Succession Planning, Self-Development & Empowerment, Personal Learning Needs Identification, Critical Success Factors (CSFs), Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Productivity Creativity & Thinking Modes, Human Resource Scorecard Management, Career Laddering, Fast-Track Career Progression Application, Knowledge Management, Customer Management, Leadership Skills, Presentation Skills, Negotiation Skills, Decision Making Skills, Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Performance Management, Contract Management, Quality Management, Commercial Strategy, Project Management, Risk Management, Leadership & Business Management, Human Resource Management, Planning, Budgeting & Cost Control, Business Development, Innovation, Sales Strategy and Knowledge & Intangible Asset Assessment Design. Further, he is also well versed in Organization Management & Business Consulting, Stakeholder & Supplier Evaluation, Data Collection & Information Gathering, Value & Supply Chain Management, Intellectual Property & Innovation Assessments, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Budgeting & Cost Control and Marketing Management. Mr. Taylor was Appointed as an Executive/Management Development Facilitator wherein he was responsible for the development of Executives & Senior Managers specializing in innovation, knowledge management and commercial negotiation as well as authored, implemented and executed a global 21st century facilitation and leadership methodology.


During his career life, Mr. Taylor has gained his practical and field experience through his various significant positions and dedication as the Multinational/Corporate Senior Management Consultant, Business Consultant/Facilitator, Business Consultant/Coach, Client Director, International Sales & Business Development Manager, Regional Sales Manager, National Key Accounts Manager, Commercial Sales & Marketing Consultant, Sales & Marketing Representative, Key Note Speaker and Instructor/Trainer for various international companies such as the Highland Group (Business Consulting), Anglo American, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, DI Management Solutions (BPO), RMG/Contact Media & Communications, Paul Dinsdale Properties (PDP), Giant Leap Architects, Wise Capital Investments (HOD), Evolution® Advertising, Collaborative Xchange, Leatt Corporation, Dentsply SA, Binzagr Company, Unilever, Kelloggs, BAT, Hershey’s, CORO, Lilly Direct/Lennon Generics and Bausch & Lomb.