Instructor's Summary

Mr. Michael Angelo

Mr. Michael Angelo, MSc, BSc, is a Senior Architect with over 20 years of extensive industrial experience in the Oil & Gas and Construction industries. His expertise widely covers in the areas of Architectural Engineering & Drawings, Isometric & Perspective Drawing, Drafting, Sketching, Residential Planning, Envelopes, Finishes, Landscaping & Roofing System, Construction Planning, Methods & Management for Civil Engineers, Concrete Structures, Maintenance & Reliability of Concrete Structure, Integrity, Inspection, Assessment & Repair of Concrete Structure, Materials for Construction & Repair of Concrete, Civil Building Maintenance, Building Preventive & Predictive Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance in Construction and CAD Design Philosophy. He is currently the Senior Architect wherein he is responsible for various public works, planning and building permits.


During his career life, Mr. Angelo held significant positions such as the Senior Architect, Architect Designer, Public Works Contractor, Architectural Drawing Teacher, Architectural Draftsman, Draftsman and Decorator for numerous projects and international companies like the G Project, Tetras, Terra, Papiotis Educational Organization, Antithesis Architecture K. Nikolaidis & Co., A. Parissis, K. Passias Co. and ARTECO.


Mr. Angelo has a Master degree in Engineering from the Kagoshima University, Japan and a Bachelor degree in Architecture from the Aristotle University Thessalonoki, Greece. Further, he is a Certified Instructor/Trainer and an active member of various professional engineering affiliations such as the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE) and the Association of Architects of Thessaloniki (SATH). Moreover, he has delivered numerous trainings, courses, seminars and courses internationally.