Instructor's Summary

Dr. Ian Craighead

Dr. Ian Craighead PhD, BSc, is an International Expert in Engineering Condition Monitoring and Rotor Bearing Dynamics with over 20 years experience in the areas of Condition Based Maintenance, Condition Monitoring, Machinery Alignment & Balancing, Machinery Vibration Analysis, Mechanical, Shaft, Acoustics, Noise Control, Vibration Measurement, Analysis and Testing, Design, Litigation, Expert Witness, Noise Assessments, Failure Investigations, and Finite Element Analysis (Stress, Vibration, Fatigue, Crack Propagation). He is currently a consultant to various companies worldwide in the fields of Dynamics, Control, Condition Monitoring, Stress Analysis and F.E. Methods and at the same time a Senior Lecturer at the University of Strathclyde.

Dr. Craighead’s expertise was honed fully when he carried out work for International Companies like Nissan, Siemens, Aggreko, Alcan, British Engines, Railtrack, British Telecom, Flymo, Fuji, Hoover, Vickers Defence Systems, Artix, Electricity Council, Hayward Tyler, Port of Tyne Authority, local authorities and solicitors.

Dr. Craighead has co-authored the Best-selling book “Engineering Condition Monitoring; Practice, Methods & Applications”. He had further published aproximately 50 papers on research work related to Vehicle & Machinery Dynamics, Condition Monitoring. He is an active Member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers  and the Chartered Engineers since 1979. He has a PhD in Rotor Bearing Dynamics and a BsC in Mechanical Engineering where he graduated 1st Class Honors.