Instructor's Summary

Mr. Mahmoud Fattah

Mr. Mahmoud Fattah, is a Senior Instrumentation & Control Engineer with over 35 years of extensive experience within the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Fertilizer industries.  His expertise widely covers the Process Control Loop, Control Valves, Control Systems, Actuators & Valve Selection, Process Control & Automation, Batch Process & Sequential Control, Analog Control, Operator Interfaces, Data Communication, System Checkout & Testing, Advanced Control with PLC’s, Ladder Logic, Process Instrumentation & Control, Control Valve Maintenance, Process Automation & Control Instrumentation, Foxboro, ABB, Rosemount, Yokogawa, Pneumatic & Electronic, Level Measurement, Pressure Measurement, Temperature & Flow Measurement, Actuators & Positioners, Control Room Instruments, Panel Controllers, Indicators & Recorders, Control Systems Installation, Control Valves Maintenance, Analytical Analyzers, Transmitters, Controllers, Smart Instruments and PLC & PID Control.  Further, he is also well-versed in Turbine, Pumps & Compressors, Pump Maintenance & Water Tanks, Turbines & Generators, Pressure Switch & Gauge Cabinet Calibration, Lube/Seal Oil Control System and Hydrogen Generation.


During his career life, Mr. Fattah has gained his practical and field experience through his various significant positions and dedication as the General Manager, Technical Director, Technical Officer, Process Field & Panel Instruments, Maintenance Director, Maintenance Engineer, Instrumentation Trainer, Technical Officer, Instrument Specialist, Instrument Expert/Trainer, Instructor/Trainer for El Mansourah Main Water Plant, SEMADCO, Creol Production Service International (CPSI), Saudi Consilidated Electric Co. (SCECO), Delta Co., General Fertilizer Company (GFC) and International Expertise Association (INTEX).


Mr. Fattah has a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Power Engineering.  Further, he is a Certified Instructor/Trainer, an active member of Egyptian Engineering Syndicate and delivered numerous trainings, courses, workshops, conferences and seminars internationally.