Instructor's Summary

Mr. John Zyl

Mr. John Zyl is a Senior Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer with over 20 years of industrial experience within the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Power and Utilities industries. His expertise includes HV/MV Cable Splicing, Jointing & Termination; AC & DC Motors; VFDs & VSDs; UPS & Battery System; Power Generators; Substations; Transformers; Protection Relay; Circuit Breakers & Switchgears; Electrical Power Distribution & Equipment; Economic Dispatch & Grid Stability;  Electromechanical Designs; Vibration Analysis; Engineering Drawings, Codes & Standards; National Electrical Code (NEC) and National Electrical Safety Code (NESC). He is also a well-versed in PLC, SCADA, DCS, Siemens, Allen Bradley, Rockwell Software, Mitsubishi, Fanuc, ABB as well as Adroit (SCADA), Web Server Software (Rockwell), OPC Server Software (Rockwell RS Linx Gateway), Siemens 601 Telephone System, Kab Instruments, UniPro IV, WinCC, Profibus, SIMOCODE, Windaq DataQ, SQL, AutoCad and Project Design & Programming. He is currently the Engineering Manager of Caterpillar wherein he is responsible for the excavator’s control system design, drawing analysis, root cause analysis as well as troubleshooting, installation and commissioning.

During his career life, he worked as the Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer in Sasol wherein he handled the overall programming of PLC & SCADA, backups and all network and telephone systems as well as the Automation Engineer in DeBeers wherein he handled the installation of new navigation equipment and overall system functioning of the whole company process. Further, he was responsible for the installation and responsible for the assembling and commissioning of equipments on various industrial sites across the globe.

Mr. Zyl has a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from the Centurion College