Instructor's Summary

Mr. John Jacobus

Mr. John Jacobus is a Senior Electrical Engineer with over 40 years of extensive experience with the Oil & Gas and Power Industries. His expertise includes Operation and Maintenance of Motors & Variable Speed Drives; Electrical Devices, Symbols & Circuits; Electric Motor Types, Operations & Performance; 3-Phase AC Induction Motors, Motor Speed Control, Power Electronic Converters, AC Converters & Motors Protection, AC Variable Speed Drives Control Systems, AC Converters Selection, AC Variable Speed Drives Installation & Commissioning, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Motor Failure Analysis & Testing, Predictive Maintenance Techniques, Machinery Faults Diagnosis, Bearing Failure Analysis, Lubrication & Oil Analysis, Electrical Testing & Measurements, Electrical Fault Finding, Plant Commissioning, Electrical & Water Reticulation, Electrical Medium Voltage Distribution and UPS Battery Charger. Further he is well-versed in hot strip mills, preheating gas furnaces, reversible roughing mill, automatic coilers and shearing lines, compressed air drilling rigs, air compressors, earthmoving equipment, crushers, conveyor belts, automatic material stackers, diesel-electric locomotives, water pumping and treatment plant, steam generation and distribution, pasturisers, homogenisers, coolers, chillers, pumps, cleaning systems, separators, ammonia cooling systems, compressed air generation, close circuit cooling water system, instrumentation and automation, cement manufacturing and slag milling. He is currently the Project Manager of Afrisam Pty Ltd wherein he is responsible and involved with the construction, erection, commissioning, distribution, reticulation and installation of MVA electrical substations, VSD’s, transformers, motors and chiller systems.


During his career life, Mr. Jacobus gained his thorough practical experience through several positions as the Maintenance Manager, Technical Manager, Project Manager, Acting General Manager, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Factory Engineer, Responsible Engineer, Appointed Engineer, Consultant/Lecturer, Senior Technician, Apprentice and Technician.


Mr. Jacobus has a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering. Further, he is a Certified Instructor/Trainer and has delivered various trainings, conferences, workshops and seminars internationally.