Instructor's Summary

Mr. Jafar Al Omari

Mr. Jafar Al Omari, MSc, BSc, is an International Expert in Microbiology & Waste Water Treatment. His expertise covers Microbiological Analysis of Water & Waste Water, Soil & Air Quality, Water Sampling & Analysis for Ground, Drinking, Sediment, Surface and Waste Water, Water & Wastewater Management, Microbiological Quality Assurance, Microbiological Indoor Air Quality, Fluorescence Microscopy,  Laboratory Assessment, Uncertainty Calculations, Wetlands & Ambient Water Analysis, Pollution Indicators, Water Demand Management, Pathogenic Bacteria & Protozoa Testing, Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), ISO 17025, IDEXX Testing and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). Furthermore, he is also well-versed in environmental sampling, air quality monitoring, CODEX, ISO 2200, ISO 9000, culture media & reagents, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and laboratory safety & health. He is currently the Microbiology Laboratory Supervisor of one of the leading Laboratories in the Middle East.


During his career life, Mr. Jafar has held key positions such as the Microbiological Laboratory Supervisor, Certified Assessor & Auditor and Microbiology Analyst of Government Agencies and Internationally Accredited Laboratories. He has participated in the accreditation of numerous laboratories globally and as a Certified Assessor, he has participated in the development of more than 10 laboratories to be accredited by the ISO 17025.


Mr. Jafar has a Master degree in Biology & Microbiology and a Bachelor degree in Biological Sciences. Further, he is a Certified Instructor/Trainer, a Certified Assessor & Auditor of ISO 17025 and Lead Auditor of ISO 9000