Instructor's Summary

Mr. Henry Beer

Mr. Henry Beer is a Senior Process Engineer with over 35 years of indepth industrial experience within the Petrochemical, Oil & Gas industries specializing in Polymers, Plastics, Polyolefin & Catalysts, Polymerization, Thermal Analysis Techniques, Rheology, Thermoplastics, Thermosets, Coating Systems and Fibre Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites. Further, he is also well-versed in Catalyst Manufacturing Techniques, Fuel Systems Management, Aviation Fuel, Diesel, Jet Fuel, Petrol and IP Octane, Cetane Control and related Logistics, Road, Rail and Pipeline Distribution, Process Design and Optimisation, Boiler Feed Water Preparation, Flocculation Sedimentation, Hot Lime Water Softening Processes, Desalination Processes, Reverse Osmosis, Molecular Sieves, activated Sludge Aerobic/Anaerobic, Sludge Removal and Incineration Process Control, Domestic Sewage Plants Optimisation, Process Cooling Water System, High Pressure and Low Pressure Tank Farm Management, Hydrocarbon and Chemical products and GTL (Gas to Liquids).


During his career life, Mr. Beer holds significant key positions such as the Director, Global Commissioning Manager, Senior Business Analyst, Process Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Senior Technician, Technical Sales Engineer, Entrepreneur, Financial Consultant, Business Analyst, Business Financial Planner and Independent Financial Planner to various international companies such as the Sasol, SASOLChem, TAG Solvents, Virgin Solvent Products, SARS & SAPIA (South African Petroleum Industry Association) and RFS Financial Services (Pty) Ltd.