Instructor's Summary

Mr. Helal Konsoua

Mr. Helal Konsoua is a Senior Geologist & Petrophysicist with over 20 years of extensive experience in Geology Operation & Development and Petrophysics within the Oil and Gas industries. He is very well-versed in the areas of Operations Geology, Wellsite Geology, Subsurface Geology, Formulation Evaluation, Log Interpretation, Mud Logging, Wireline Logging, Logging-While-Drilling (LWD), Petrophysical Interpretation, Core Integration, Exploration, Development Fields for Horizontal, Geosteering, HP/HT, Water and Gas Injection, Reservoir Modeling. He is currently working as the Senior Operations Geologist of the Griffiths Energy International.

Mr. Mohamed’s vast onshore and offshore experience in the oil and gas industry can be traced back to his stint with international companies such as PTTEP, ISCO, SINOPEC International, Tanganyika Oil Company, PETROBEL and Deminex, where he worked as a Senior Operations Geologist, Senior Operations Development Geologist, Petrophysicist, Operations Wellsite Geologist and Senior Wellsite Geologist. He had also been a recipient of numerous honors & awards that includes Model 2010 for SINOPEC/Syria and Model Wellsite Geologist in Mediterranean Sea Gas Deep Wells.

Mr. Mohamed has a Bachelor degree in Geology. Further, he is an active member of the Egyptian Scientific Syndicate