Instructor's Summary

Mr. Fred Louw

Mr. Fred Louw, PGDip, MSc, BSc, is a Senior Safety Consultant &  Radiation Specialist with over 20 years of extensive experience in Radiation Safety/Protection, Accident/Incident & Condition Reporting, Accident/Incident  Investigation, Accident & Incident Prevention,  Radiation Safety & Protection, Radiation Physics, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Oncology, Radiotherapy, Digital Image Protection, Operational Radiation Protection, Radiological Safety, Nuclear Medicine, Diagnostic Radiology, HAZOP, SHEQ Management, Root Cause Analysis, Health Risk Assessment, Internal Emergency Planning, Emergency Response, Incident Investigation, Nuclear Security & Emergency, Occupational Hygiene, Conventional Safety, OHSAS, Hazardous Chemical Substances, Quality Control & Assurance, OSH & COID Act, ISO 17025, ISO 90001, OSHAS 18001 and Radiation Protection Software such as IMBA, VARSKIN, RASCAL, etc. Further, he is also well-versed in Strategic Leadership Skills, Project Management, Accounting Management, Human Resource Management, Communications & IT Management, Conflict Management, Database Development & Administration, Internal Auditing, Communication/Presentation Skills, Budgeting & Negotiation Skills, Report Writing, Labour Law, Statistical Analysis and SQL & Programing Languages.  He is currently the HSE Manager & Chief Scientist (Radiation Protection Specialist) of NECSA wherein he manages the RP function by long term strategic leadership and short term operational coordination and provide technical support as an RPS and HSE Consultant.


During Mr. Louw’s career life, he held significant positions such as the Radiation Protection Officer (RPO), Radiation Protection Controller, Radiological Protection Consultant, Lead Investigator, Administrator,  External Dosimetry Specialist, Medical Physicist, Team Leader and Instructor/Trainer for international companies and agencies such as the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) and Department Medical Physics Universitas Hospital and UFS just to name a few.


Mr. Louw has a Post Graduate Diploma in Radiation Protection, a Master degree in Radiation Protection and a Bachelor degree in Physics & Applied Mathematics from the University of the Witwatersrand and University of Orange of the Free State respectively. Further, he is a Certified Instructor/Trainer, Certified Trainer/Assessor by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), a Registered Medical Physicist and a Registered Professional Natural Scientist. Moreover, he is an active Chairman/member of South African Association for Physicist in Medicine and Biology (SAAPMB), a member of Southern African Radiation Protection Society (SARPS), Southern African Radiation Protection Association (SARPA), Health Physics Society of America, South African National INES Committee and International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA).