Instructor's Summary

Mr. Eric Roper

Mr. Eric Roper is a Senior Management & Project Consultant with over 30 years of extensive experience within Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries. His expertise lies extensively in the areas of Performance Management, Leadership Skills, Workforce Planning, Employee Relations Management, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Performance Drive, Corporate Planning, Ownership Skills, Adaptability & Learning, Communication Skills, Financial Budgeting, Teamwork & Teambuilding, Negotiation Skills, Financial & Management Accounting, Human Resource & Industrial Relations Management, Integrated Management Systems, Marketing Management, Managing Operating Processes, Project Engineering, Capital Project Management, General Management, Plant Maintenance, Production & Operations, Leadership & Business, Presentation Skills, Decision Making Skills, Communication Skills, Negotiation Skills, Coaching & Mentoring, Performance Management, Customer Service Management, Critical Thinking & Creativity, Quality Management, Risk Management, Data Management Systems, Budgeting & Cost Control, Document Management, Record Management and Contract Management.


During his career life, Mr. Roper has worked with several prestigious companies occupying numerous challenging managerial and technical positions such as being the Lead Business Project Manager, Managing Director, General Manager, Operations Manager, Managing Director, PVC Operations Manager, Section Production Manager, Section Engineer, Development Engineer and Civil Engineering & Construction Engineer from various international  companies such as Sasol Secunda Chemicals, Arya Sasol Polymer Company, Chevron Oil Nigeria Ltd., Sasolburg, Sasol Polymers, PVC Compounds (Pty) Ltd, Polifin Ltd, AECI Ltd and John Laing Construction Company.


Mr. Roper is a Registered Professional Engineer, a Bachelor degree with Honours in Mechanical Engineering from the Brunel University, England and holds a Management Development Programme (MDP) in General Management, an Advanced Executive General Management Program and a South African Government Certificate of Competency (GCC). Further, he is a Certified Instructor/Trainer, an active member of South African Council of Professional Engineers and has delivered numerous trainings, courses, workshops, conferences and seminars internationally.