Instructor's Summary

Mr. Philip DeLange

Mr. Philip DeLange, is a Senior Electrical Engineer with over 20 years of industrial experience.  His expertise extends widely over the areas of power generation, power supply networks, power factor correction, power systems protection, electrical faults & relay protection, power analysis, laboratory calibration, electrical safety, electrical distribution, testing, inspection, assessment, repairing & failure investigations of electrical equipment such as rotating machines, motor drives, circuit breakers & switchgears.  Further, he has been greatly involved in quality management inspections & testing of motors and equipment repair facilities in compliance with IEC specifications & standards.  He is currently the Director of Rotating Engineering Co. (REC) and a consultant to the Bureau of Standards in the area of electrical engineering, certification & testing.

Mr. Lange has handled wide-ranging responsibilities in electrical engineering throughout his career life. He was in charge of the electrical & mechanical maintenance of industrial heavy equipment, as well as overseeing the operation of 2MW ventilation & refrigeration plants and 5MW large compressed air & liquid pumping plants. He then became in charge of induction machine design, construction, manufacture & testing.  He also handled factory and test equipment maintenance and power factor correction & improvement of the plant.  The highlight of his career was when he joined SABS, a well-known standards bureau; where he was primarily involved in the testing & accreditation of electrical rotating machines of up to 800KW AC and 450 KW DC including the testing of associated drives systems.   His responsibilities also included the testing & certification of electric power and steam generating plants in power stations, power supply networks in compliance with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) & the National Electrical Codes (NEC) standards.  He is currently the Director of Rotating Engineering Co, (REC), and a well-regarded consultant to standards committees. Further, he is an advisor to various companies related to the accreditation & certification of their electrical installations, equipment & systems.

Mr. Lange’s experience & involvement within the industry includes his numerous researches, lectures & contributions to the development of standards related to the testing & inspection of electrical equipment.  He is an active member of the Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE).