Instructor's Summary

Mr. Dimitri Massaras

Mr. Dimitri Massaras is a Senior Petroleum Engineer with over 35 years of Offshore & Onshore experience within the Oil, Gas, Refinery and Petrochemical industries. His expertise widely covers Petroleum Geology, Geophysics, Advanced Petrophysics, Petroleum Exploration, Petroleum Economics, Petroleum Engineering, Reservoir Modelling, Drilling, Core-to-Log Data Integration (SCAL), Basin Modelling & Total Petroleum System (TPS), Seismic Interpretation, Well Logging, Formation Evaluation, Well Testing & Data Interpretation, Pore Pressure Prediction and Oil & Gas Reserves Estimations. He is also an expert in Risk Analysis, Refining Unit (De-asphalting), Catalytic Cracking Unit (CCU), Lube Oil Unit, Lighter Fluid Unit, Oil, Gas & Water Samples for HPLC Testing and Analysis, Petrel, SeisWorks, StrataModel, Finder, Charisma, Zmap, Seitex, LogTech & GeoLog, ASU, VSPC and many more. Currently, he is the Senior Petroleum Consultant & Asset Manager of one of the leading exploration company wherein his in-charge of petroleum exploration in various regions particularly in Algeria and Europe.

During his long career, Mr. Massaras has gained his practical and field experience through his various significant positions and dedication as the Senior Petroleum Consultant, Senior Geologist, Project Geologist, Operations Geologist and Refinery Unit Operator from numerous international companies such as the Pennzoil E & P Company, Petrofina SA and Gulf Oil E & P Company just to name a few.

Mr. Massaras has a Bachelor degree in Petroleum Geology & Geophysics from the University of Massachusetts in USA. Further, he is a Certified Instructor/Trainer; a Certified Internal Verifier/Assessor/Trainer by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM); a former Director of Swiss Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE); an active member of Swiss Association of Energy Geoscientists (SASEG) and has delivered innumerable trainings and workshops worldwide.