Instructor's Summary

Dr. Chris Kapetan

Dr. Chris Kapetan, PhD, MSc, is a Senior Petroleum Engineer with over 30 years of international experience within the onshore and offshore oil & gas industry. His wide experience covers Decision Analytic Modelling Methods for Economic Evaluation, Probabilistic Risk Analysis (Monte Carlo Simulator) Risk Analysis Foundations, Global Oil Demand, Crude Oil Market, Global Oil Reserves, Oil Supply & Demand, Governmental Legislation, Contractual Agreements, Financial Modeling, Oil Contracts, Project Risk Analysis, Feasibility Analysis Techniques, Capital Operational Costs, Oil & Gas Exploration Methods, Reservoir Evaluation, Extraction of Oil & Gas, Crude Oil Types & Specifications, Sulphur, Sour Natural Gas, Natural Gas Sweeting, Petroleum Production, Field Layout, Production Techniques & Control, Surface Production Operations, Oil Processing, Oil Transportation-Methods, Flowmetering & Custody Transfer and Oil Refinery. Further, he is also well-versed in  Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP), Oil Industries Orientation, Geophysics, Cased Hole Formation Evaluation, Cased Hole Applications, Cased Hole Logs, Production Operations, Production Management, Perforating Methods & Design, Perforating Operations, Fishing Operations, Well & Reservoir Testing, Reservoir Stimulation, Hydraulic Fracturing, Carbonate Acidizing, Sandstone Acidizing, Drilling Fluids Technology, Drilling Operations, Directional Drilling, Artificial Lift, Gas Lift Design, Gas Lift Operations, Petroleum Business, Petroleum Economics, Field Development Planning, Gas Lift Valve Changing & Installation, Well Completion Design & Operation, Well Surveillance, Well Testing, Well Stimulation & Control and Workover Planning, Completions & Workover, Rig Sizing, Hole Cleaning & Logging, Well Completion, Servicing and Work-Over Operations, Practical Reservoir Engineering, X-mas Tree & Wellhead Operations, Maintenance & Testing, Advanced Petrophysics/Interpretation of Well Composite, Construction Integrity & Completion, Coiled Tubing Technology, Corrosion Control, Slickline, Wireline & Coil Tubing, Pipeline Pigging, Corrosion Monitoring, Cathodic Protection as well as Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA), Gas Conditioning & Process Technology, Production Safety and Delusion of Asphalt. Currently, he is the Operations Consultant & the Technical Advisor at GEOTECH and an independent Drilling Operations Consultant of various engineering services providers to the international clients as he offers his expertise in many areas of the drilling & petroleum discipline and is well recognized & respected for his process and procedural expertise as well as ongoing participation, interest and experience in continuing to promote technology to producers around the world.

Throughout his long career life, Dr. Chris has worked for many international companies and has spent several years managing technically complex wellbore interventions in both drilling & servicing. He is a well-regarded for his process and procedural expertise. Further, he was the Operations Manager at ETP Crude Oil Pipeline Services where he was fully responsible for optimum operations of crude oil pipeline, workover and directional drilling, drilling rigs and equipment, drilling of various geothermal deep wells and exploration wells. Dr. Chris was the Drilling & Workover Manager & Superintendent for Kavala Oil wherein he was responsible for supervision of drilling operations and offshore exploration, quality control of performance of rigs, coiled tubing, crude oil transportation via pipeline and abandonment of well as per the API requirements. He had occupied various key positions as the Drilling Operations Consultant, Site Manager, Branch Manager, Senior Drilling & Workover Manager & Engineer and Drilling & Workover Engineer, Operations Consultant, Technical Advisor in several petroleum companies responsible mainly on an offshore sour oil field (under water flood and gas lift) and a gas field. Further, Dr. Chris has been a Professor of the Oil Technology College.


Dr. Chris has PhD in Reservoir Engineering and a Master degree in Drilling & Production Engineering from the Petrol-Gaze Din Ploiesti University. Further, he is a Certified Surfaced BOP Stack Supervisor of IWCF, a Certified Instructor/Trainer, a Certified Trainer/Assessor/Internal Verifier by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) and has conducted numerous short courses, seminars and workshops and has published several technical books on Production Logging, Safety Drilling Rigs and Oil Reservoir.