Instructor's Summary

Mr. Brian Balouza

Mr. Brian Balouza, CGTP, SAGA, RGP is a Senior Mechanical Engineer with over 40 years of industrial experience in Oil, Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical and Utilities industries. His wide expertise includes Pressure Safety Valve (PSV), Pressure Relief Valve (PRV), Rotating Equipment, Stationary Equipment, Gas Transmission Operations, Natural Gas & Liquid Petroleum Gas Pipelines, Gas Pipelines & Gas Stations Commissioning & Maintenance, Gas Installation & Inspection, Gas Transmission & Distribution System, Natural Gas Operations, Natural Gas Equipment, Natural and Methane Rich Gas, Liquid Petroleum Gas Pipelines, Gas Stations and Burner Systems, Gas Measurement, Gas Network, Gas Heaters Operation & Maintenance, Safety Relief Valves, Relief Valve Theory & Maintenance, Security Valves, PRV & POPRV Operation, PRV Repair & Disassembly, Valve Components, Valve Troubleshooting, Valve Actuators, Valve Seals & Packing, Pipeline Integrity Management, Compressor & System Design, Transmission Pipeline Design & Construction, Filter Separators, Turbine Meters, Pipeline Integrity Corrosion Mitigating Measures, Pipeline Pigging, Pigging Inspection, Pipeline Installation, Thermoplastics Welding & Electro-fusion, Pipeline Defect Assessment, Pipeline Transportation Systems, Cathodic Protection System, Pressure Reduction, Metering System and Combustion & Fuel Handling System. Further, he is well-versed in oil analysis, electrical apparatus, high density polyethylene hot tapping, line stop equipment, general machine maintenance, natural gas operations, maintenance management, accident investigation, risk assessment, SHEQ awareness, first aid, basic firefighting techniques, root cause analysis techniques and environmental impact assessment.


During his career life, Mr. Balouza has gained his practical and field experience through his various significant positions and dedication as the Facilitator, Assessor Moderator, Trainer, Area Manager, Operations Manager, Asset Manager, Technical Training Manager, Pipeline Integrity Manager Technical Specialist, Shift Fitter, Apprentice Millwright, Construction Foreman, Artisan & Workshop Technician and Spinning Technician for numerous international companies and colleges like the Richfield College Durban, Henley Gas, SASOL Gas, SASOL Fibres, South African Transport Services and Kwa-Zulu Natal.


Mr. Balouza has a Diploma in Applied Science, Technical Drawing as well as in Mechanical Engineering from the Cogella Technicon. Further, he is a Certified Gas Transmission Professional (CGTP) and a Registered Gas Practitioner as Industrial & Specialist Trainer (RGP-SAGA) from the Gas Technology Institute, USA. He is also a Certified Facilitator, Assessor Moderator and Trainer of Richfield College Durban. He was also the Retired Director of South African Qualification Certification Committee (SAQCC) and the Retired Training & Committee Member of Southern African Gas Station (SAGA). Moreover, he has acquired innumerable professional certifications from various international engineering authorities like ASME and delivered various trainings, courses, workshops worldwide.