Instructor's Summary

Mr. Bob Lock

Mr. Bob Lock, RPA, is an Accredited Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) with over 40 years of extensive experience in Radiation Safety & Protection, Radioactive Waste Management, and Radioactive Transport & Environmental Impact supporting various international clients that include the Oil & Gas industry, nuclear licensed sites, non-nuclear industry, regulators, governments, radiometric suppliers, the medical and university sectors.  His technical skills covers Radiation Protection, Health Physics, Radioactive Waste Characterisation & Management, Radiometric InstrumentationNORM, Radiological Hazards, Radiation Protection Compliance Audit, Radiological Emergency Planning & Response, Dosimetry Review, Radiological Characterization & Remediation, Radioactive Waste Disposal, Environmental & Waste Procedures and Human Impact Assessment. He is also well-versed in project management, regulatory compliance, event investigation, analytical measurements and risk assessment. He is currently the Director/Technical Consultant of a Radiological company and the Radiological Engineer of Magnox Bradwell in the UK wherein he is working in the field of delivering compliant and cost effective radiation protection and radioactive related services and has responsibility for oversight of standards, internal auditing of radiological services and project compliance with radiological obligations. 


During Bob’s career life, he held significant positions such as the Radiation Protection Trainer, Radiation Protection Adviser, Senior Team Leader, Industrial Services Manager, Project Manager, Contract Manager, Business Development Manager, Technical Sales Manager, Radiometric Instrument Specialist and Sales & Commissioning Engineer for various international client sites throughout the UK and also overseas, including Norway, Africa, Singapore, UAE and Canada.


Bob is an Accredited Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) from the RPA 2000 Board and an Accredited Radioactive Waste Adviser (RWA) from the UK RWA Approval Board. Bob has an A-Level Certificate in Biology. Further he is Certified Instructor/Trainer and an active member of the Society for Radiation Protection.