Instructor's Summary

Mr. Peter Wyk

Mr. Peter Wyk, MSc, BSc, is a Senior Metallurgical Engineer with over 35 years of extensive experience in Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) Operations, Vacuum Arc Degasser, RH Degasser, Arc Furnace Steelmaking, Ladle Furnace, Continuous Casting Operation, Electric Steelmaking, Steel Manufacturing & Commissioning, Consteel Scrap Feeding System, Steel Manufacturing for Off-shore Applications, Iron & Steel Making Technology, Steel Forging, Metallurgy, Pyro-Metallurgy and VAD Process. He is also an expert in heat transfer, desulphurisation and nitrogen pick-up, rod production, strength of material, oxy-fuel burners and carbon injectors. Currently, he is the Director of Wire-n-Plier Technologies that provides consultancy services for arc furnace, steel making, steel production and metallurgy for multiple manufacturing firms.

During Mr. Wyk’s long career life, he has gained his technical and practical expertise through various challenging and key positions such as the Senior Project Manager, General Manager Operations, Meltshop Manager, Superintendent Steelmaking, Trainee Manager, Metallurgical Engineer, Trainee Engineer and Lecturer for several international companies and universities such as the Gulf Speciality Steel Industries, Vaal University of Technology, Cape Gate Davsteel Division – Meltshop and ISCOR just to name a few.

Mr. Wyk has a Master degree in Engineering Management from the University of Pretoria and a Bachelor degree in Metallurgy Engineering from the University of Potchefstroom. He has also presented numerous papers and international conferences including the 7th European Electric Steelmaking Conference in Venice, Italy.