Instructor's Summary

Professor Sharif Al-Badawy

Professor Sharif Al-Badawy, PhD, MSc, BSc, is a Senior Road Engineer with over 20 years of extensive industrial experience in the field of Pavement Analysis & Design, Structural Design & Analysis, Road Pavement Design, Highway Geometric Design, Railway Engineering, Concrete & Steel Structures, Statistics, Fatigue Cracking Distress Analysis, Fatigue Endurance, Multiple Stress Creep Recovery Test (MSCR), Construction Materials & Testing Foundations, Geology, Soil Mechanics, Geometric Design, Geotechnical & Geo Environmental Analysis, Geotechnical Assessment. He is also an expert on Unbound Material Characterization Testing including grain size distribution, liquid limit, plastic limit, specific gravity, hydraulic conductivity testing, triaxial shear strength test, load permanent deformation test, Asphalt Mixture & Binder Characterization Test, MEPDG Software, AutoCad 2012, Microstation, Inroads, JULEA, Bisar, KENPAVE and Visual Basic. He is currently the Director of the Highway Engineering Laboratory in a prominent university and a Visiting Research Fellow in various universities in the USA and the Middle East.

During Professor Sharif’s career, he has gained his expertise and thorough practical experience through challenging positions both in technical and academic such as a Research Fellow, Vice Director, Project Manager, Highway Laboratory Supervisor, Assistant Professor, Adjunct Faculty, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Research Associate, Advisor, Lecturer and Civil Engineer.

Professor Sharif has a PhD degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering Major in Pavement Engineering and Minor in Geotechnical Engineering from the Arizona State University in USA, a Master degree in Public Work Engineering Major in Pavement Engineering and Minor in Geotechnical Engineering and a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering. Further, he is an elected Board Member of the Middle East Society of Asphalt Technologies and an active member of the International Geosynthetic Society (IGS), American Society of Civil Engineers, Association of Asphalt Paving Technologist (AAPT) and Syndicate of Engineers. He is also a TRB Committee Member on Flexible Pavement Design and TRB Committee Friend on Flexible Pavement Design.