Instructor's Summary

Mr. Shady Al-Rammah

Mr. Shady Al-Rammah, MSc, BSc, is a Senior Petroleum Engineer with extensive experience in Production and Petroleum Engineering within Offshore & Onshore Oil/Gas industry. His specialization widely covers Production Technology, Hydraulic Fracturing, Surface Production Operations, Oil and Reservoir Engineering, Reservoir Management, Natural Gas Engineering, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Well Completion and Workover, Well Control, Waterflooding, Drill String Design, Casing Design, Wireline Operations, Reservoir Simulation, Artificial Lift, Nodal Analysis and Mud TechnologyHe is further an expert in ECLIPCE (100-300), PETREL, FRACCADE, petroleum expert package (MBAL, PROSPER, GAP), KAPPA Software (SAHIR, TOPAZE and DIAMANT), landmark package (CASING SEAT, STRESSCHECK and WELLCAT) and PVTSIM.

He is currently the Operations Manager of a prestigious consultancy company in Egypt overseeing all major operations within the Oil Production. He is responsible for making projects and consultancy required from his company. During his career life, Mr. Al-Rammah held various positions such as a Consultant Engineer, Head of Petroleum Software Department and Software Developer. He has been active in the academe as well as the Lecturer of the Suez Canal University.

Mr. Al-Rammah has Master and Bachelor degrees in Petroleum Engineering from the Suez Canal University and is currently completing his Doctorate degree in Petroleum Engineering. He is an active member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).