Instructor's Summary

Dr. Edward Funk

Dr. Edward Funk, PhD, B. Eng is a Senior Chemical Engineer with over 40 years of extensive experience within Oil and Gas Industries.  His wide experience covers Process Plant Optimization, Chemical Processes & Products, Specialty Chemicals, Hazardous & Toxic Chemicals, Chemical Handling, Transporting & Labeling, Solvents, Polymer Chemistry, Resins & Composites, Films & Membranes, Plastics, Chemical Safety, Chemical Accidents & Forensic Engineering, Separation & Purification Technology, Chemical Reactors & Catalysis and Environmental Technology.  He is currently the President of EWF Consulting (USA) wherein he provides technical consulting to process and chemical companies on plant optimization, engineering of processes & products and serves as a chemical expert witness on chemical processes, products and issues related to industrial and consumer chemistry.  Concurrently, he is a Senior Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Illinois in Chicago, USA lecturing courses in process and product design

During his career life, Dr. Funk was the Senior Director of Chemical Process & Product Technology of Honeywell Company wherein he was responsible for the commercial development of new products in the areas of petrochemicals, polymers, membranes & films, environmental processes, chemical processing and novel process systems.  He also managed the advanced technology for UOP Division of Honeywell which included petroleum processes & process technology in various industries.  Dr. Funk also held various technical and management positions including R&D Director in Exxon Company’s Corporate Research Centre.  He directed the laboratory studies, developed unique software for process analysis, developed new test methods for characterization of asphaltenes, lubricating oil and synthetic fuels.  He was the Principal Engineer in the investigation of potential uses of supercritical fluid technology within Exxon’s business units.  Prior to that, Dr. Funk worked for Ford Foundation where he established new R&D programs

Dr. Funk has PhD and Bachelors degrees in Chemical Engineering from Yale University and University of California in the USA.   He is the author of 6 US patents and over 60 technical publications.