Instructor's Summary

Captain Abdel Monem Hosny

Captain Abdel Monem Hosny, MSc, BSc, is an International Environmental Expert with over 25 years of marine and industrial experience.  His expertise lies on Water Treatment Technology, Sewage & Industrial Waste Water Treatment & Environmental Protection, Oil Spill, Marine Services and Control, Navigational Safety, Maritime Security, Environmental Management & Technology (ISO14001), Hazardous Waste Management & Pollution Prevention, Accident Investigation and Reporting, and Emergency Response Planning. Currently, he is the General Director of Environmental Development Commission with the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA).  Further, he oversees the environmental planning and the identification of environmental conditions for ideal land use for developing projects in urban, industrial and tourist areas,  supervises the planning, organizing and coordinating the creation of pilot projects for the conservation & protection of the environment, offers technical support for urban, industrial and tourist projects in the environmental and development field.

Previously, Captain Hosny was the Senior Specialist for the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Department with the EEAA.  Herein, he was responsible for the design, supervision and implementation of National Oil Spill Contingency Plan, and the Monitoring & Pollution Sources Inspection Program for the whole country.  He also served as a focal point for competent authorities and sectors which deal with marine pollution and with the Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment of the Red Sea and Gulf of Adan (PERSGA) and further represented the agency in international meetings and conferences.

Earlier in his career life, he worked with Damietta Port Authority and the Port Control Tower.  Then, he managed the control for all marine units, the preparation, planning and control of all marine service activities, the prevention and control of marine pollution accidents, the implementation of channel sedimentation cleanup work, the scheduling of operational work on ships, and the manoeuvring and in-out channel scheduling of pilot boats and ships.

Captain Hosny has Master and Bachelor degrees in Naval Engineering and a Diploma in Operations Research.  Further, he is a recognized member of the Operation Researches Society in Cairo and the Maritime Transport Sector in Pollution & Prevention of Pollution from Ships in all Egyptian ports.