Instructor's Summary

Mr. Mubarak Al-Tahrawi

Mr. Mubarak Al-Tahrawi is a Senior Petroleum & Drilling Engineer with over 30 years of extensive experience within the Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas fields. His expertise includes Well Completion & Work-Over, Well Stimulation Techniques & Treatments, Oil Well Drilling Engineering, Well Control, Drilling Fluids Technology, Drilling Optimization & Well Planning, Exploration Technology, Drilling Technique & Technology, Fishing & Intervention Technique & Technology, Production Logging & Reservoir Monitoring, Casing & Cementing Technology, Tubing Design, Hydraulic Fracturing, Down Hole Services, Pipe Cutters, Pipe Recovery Techniques, Packer Recovery & Milling Tools, Mud Technology and Rig Inspection.

During Mr. Mubarak’s career, he gained his thorough practical experience through several challenging positions such as the General Manager, Vice President, Well Services Operations Manager, Senior Petroleum Engineering Consultant, Drilling & Work-Over Special Operations Engineer & Consultant, Well Value Assurance Coach, Mud Engineering HeadDrilling Operations Head, Down Hole Services & Rentals Manager, Regional Technical Support Manager, Mud Engineer, Fishing Supervisor, Drilling Supervisor and Company Man from various international well-renowned companies such as the SONATRRACH, ADMA-OPCO, Weatherford, National Petroleum Company (NPC), ADCO, SHELL, ADWOC, Natural Resources Authority, Sakson Egypt Petroleum Service and UNICARBIDE International. His integrity and remarkable dedication to his duties and being responsible in managing the day-to-day rig operations, HSE performance, operation and maintenance, ancillary operations, handling field technical and financial activities and many more had proven his significant contributions to the industry.

Mr. Mubarak has a Bachelor degree in Petroleum & Deep Drilling Technology from the University of Belgrade.