Instructor's Summary

Mr. Hossam Saeed

Mr. Hossam Saeed is a Senior Mechanical Engineer with over 20 years of extensive experience within the Oil, Gas, Refineries and Petrochemical industries. He specializes in Mechanical Integrity & Reliability, Process Plant Engineering, RCFA, TPM, CRM, RCM, RAM, CBM, Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulic & Mechanical Seal, Blanketing System, Condensate Storage Tank, Pump, Valve, Compressor, Bearings, Piping, Pipelines, Thermodynamics, Heat Exchanger, Oil Treatment, Water Injection, Water Network System, Desalination Technology and Maintenance Planning, Scheduling & Cost Control. His expertise also covers Cathodic Protection, Metallurgy, Corrosion Prevention and Welding Technology. Currently, he is the CEO of International Nile Modern Company (INM) that provides general contracting services in Europe, the Middle East and African regions.

During his career life, Mr. Hossam held various positions such as a CEO, Consultant, Senior Project Manager and Site Engineer where he was primarily in charge of the training, inspection, review and approval of mechanical construction activities. Throughout his career, he has extensively referred to the application of various codes and standards such as the API, AWS, ASME and ASTM.

Mr. Hossam has a Bachelor degree in Mechanical and Power Engineering and a Post Graduate Diploma in Heat Engineering. He is also a Certified ASNT UT, RT, MT & PT Level II and he is registered in Master Studies from the Azhar University. Further, he is an active member of various international professional bodies such as the American Welding Society (AWS), American Society for Non Destructive Testing (ASNT), Egyptian Society of Mechanical Engineers (ESME) and Egyptian Engineering Syndicate.