Instructor's Summary

Dr. Ibrahim Caglayan

Dr. Ibrahim Caglayan, PhD, MSc, BSc, is an International Expert in Offshore Platform, Machinery & Piping Vibration with over 30 years of extensive experience in the field. He has delivered sought-after trainings and seminars in Offshore Platform Design, Offshore Structure Vibration, Offshore Integrity Assessment, Machinery & Piping Vibration in various countries like Belgium, USA, Canada, Algeria, Iran, Bahrain, New Zealand and Turkey.  He is currently the General Manager of VibraTek Engineering, a leading supplier in industrial vibration equipment. Further, he is a Certified Level III Analyst of the American Vibration Institute.

During his long career life, Dr. Caglayan was the Senior Engineer and Naval Architect for DLI Engineering Inc. (Seattle, Washington), Marathon LeTourneau Offshore Inc. (Houston, Texas) and SeaTek Corp. (Santa Barbara, California),  where he handled machinery vibration diagnostic in industrial facilities and US aircraft carriers and other surface ships and offshore platform design & testing. Further, he was also the Professor of Mechanical & Offshore Engineering at the University of Washington, where he taught Machine Design and Machine Dynamics Theory and delved into all aspects of Ship, Breakwater, Platform Dynamics, Vibrations and Ship Capsizing

Dr. Caglayan has a PhD in Mechanical and Ocean Engineering from the University of Washington (USA) and has Master and Bachelor degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire (USA). Further, he has been the Keynote Speaker of New Zealand Vibration Association.