Instructor's Summary

Captain Hans Oostrijk

Captain Hans Oostrijk is an International Expert in Oil & Gas Marine Terminal Operations with over 40 years of in-depth industrial experience His expertise includes onshore & offshore international management, project operations management, marine environmental management, supervision and execution of shipping and port operations, marine bulk oil, shipyard offshore, crude shipments and oil terminal projects. Currently, he is the President of one major Oostrijk Survey specialized in handling crude shipments, loading and discharging and tank cleaning worldwide.

During his career life, Captain Oostrijk demonstrated his enormous capabilities and expertise throughout the Europe, North Africa, the Middle East regions.  He worked for several international companies such as Phs. Van Ommeren N.V., Koninklijke Marechausse, AMRO, Slavenburg’s, Saybolt (Genova, Netherland, International) and Petro Survey and he has handled various challenging positions such as the General Manager, Assistant General Manager, Manager, Senior Inspector, Marine Superintendent, Station Manager, Cargo Inspector, Shift Leader, Forwarding and Travel Department Manager and Marachaussee 2nd class.

Captain Oostrijk has a Bachelor degree in Engineering.