Instructor's Summary

Mr. Ron Norton

Mr. Ron Norton is a Senior Aerospace Engineer with over 25 years of practical experience within the Aerospace and Aviation industries. His expertise widely extends over the AFO & Jet Fuel Product Handling, Aircraft Design, Aircraft Manufacturing & Maintenance, Blueprint Interpretation, Layout Drafting, Configuration of Multiple Aero Structures, Quality Assurance, Metal Fabrication, OEM & Repair of Aircraft Assembly Methods, Heat Treatment of Alloys, Metal Bonding and Composite (Autoclave and vacuum bag processes), Fabrication of details and Assemblies of multiple aircrafts including assembly of UH-60 Blackhawk, AH-IZ Super Huey Cobra, OH-58D, CH-47, Boeing (BAC specifications), Sikorsky (SS specification), Vought, Gulfstream, CH-47 Chinook, helicopters and military aircrafts including 737, 747, 757, 767C-130, C-17, E2C and F-15 in accordance to AS-9102 and AS-9100 standards. Further, he has a wide practical knowledge in the implementation of digital timer for sulphuric anodize tank, installation of the Common Missile Warning System (CMWS) and Electro-Optic Missile Sensors (EOMS) and defect tracking system. He is currently the Manufacturing Engineering Program Lead of Kaman Aerospace (HCL America) which is one of the leading aircraft manufacturing and maintenance companies in the USA.

Mr. Norton has gained his expertise & thorough practical experience through several challenging positions as a Manufacturing Engineer, Aerospace Instructor, Senior Quality Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Supervisor Assemble Trainer, Quality Assurance Inspector, Aircraft Assembly Trainer, National Assembler, Supervisor Sheet Metal Assembly Technician and Planner.

Mr. Norton has a Bachelor degree in Business & Public Law and Aviation Mechanic from the Dallas Baptist University (USA) and Kings School of Aeronautics (USA) respectively. Further, he underwent stringent trainings and courses on Quality Engineering, Quality Improvement and Root Cause & Corrective Action, Lean Enterprise Manufacturing, Aviation Mechanic’s Airframe License (FAA) and Advanced Quality Systems (AQS-1).