Instructor's Summary

Mr. John Kruger

Mr. John Kruger is a Senior Projects & Contracts Manager with over 30 years of extensive experience.  His expertise includes Project Management, Contract Management, Contracts & Tendering, Human Resource Management, Performance Management, Technical Management, Quality Management, Productivity & Efficiency Improvements, Time Management, Financial Management, Strategic Management, Change Management, People Management, Production Management, Toolkit Management, Public Relations & Organisational Communication, Public Speaking, Social & Environmental Projects, Business Development, Psychometric Assessment and Strategic Change. Further, his specialization covers Train-the-Trainer, Negotiation Skills, Communication Skills, Coaching, Counselling & Mentoring, Strategic Planning, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Budgeting & Cost Control, Supply Chain Management, Operational Management, Adult Education, Turnaround and Re-Engineering Projects and Macro-Economics.

During his career, Mr. Kruger has contributed his expertise and held prestigious positions as a Business Analyst Manager, Business Development Manager, Project Manager, Strategic & Divisional Plan Manager, Warehouse Manager, Supply Chain Manager as well the Technical & Management Consultant/Instructor for major organizations worldwide like the Ministry of Finance (Uganda), Cybercity (Mauritius), Stock Exchange (Taiwan), Candlewick Development (USA) and many more.

Mr. Kruger has Bachelor degree in Communications from the Northwest University. He is a Registered Assessor & Moderator and further achieved various certificates in Human Resource Management, Industrial Psychology Management and Advanced Leadership Programme.