Instructor's Summary

Professor Don Mez

Dr. Don Mez , PhD, MSc, BSc, is a Senior Structural & Civil Engineer with over 20 years of industrial experience in the field of Concrete & Steel Structural Analysis and Design, Structural Dynamics, Structural Reliability Analysis, Damage Assessment & Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures, Matrix Structural Analysis, Earthquake Engineering and Reinforced Concrete Design. He is currently the Senior Professor & Consultant in one of the leading universities in the Europe.

During his career, Dr. Donald Cemalettin has worked globally for the numerous international companies in the US, Europe and the Middle East. He has gained his expertise and thorough practical experience through challenging positions both in technical and academic such as a Structural & Project Manager, Structural & Project Engineer, Research Manager, Design Engineer, Assistant Manager and Research Assistant. During those stages, he was responsible for the Design, Construction and Renovation of new and existing Steel and Reinforced Structures as well as with the Investigation and Rehabilitation of damaged reinforced concrete.

Dr. Donald Cemalettin has PhD, Master and Bachelor degrees in Civil Engineering from the Purdue University in USA.  He is an active member of the Association Civil Engineers and Architects Chambers and the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI). Further, he has internationally published numerous papers and books such as “Mechanical Behaviour of Polypropylene-Based Honeycomb-Core Composite Sandwich Structures”, “Spatial Distribution of Damage Caused by the Earthquake” and many more.