Instructor's Summary

Captain Emilio Tapias

Captain Emilio Tapias, MSc, MBA, BSc, is an International Expert in Port Operations & Management and HSE with over 40 years of field experience. His expertise evolves in Oil Spill, HSE Management & Systems, Marine Terminal Operations & Management, Marine Survey, Offshore Survey, Tanker Vetting Inspections, Registry & Inspection of Ship Tankers and Dry Cargo Vessels, Bridge Resource Management (BRM), Crude Oil Tanker & Gas Carrier, Dock & Terminal Operations, LPG/LNG, Ships Handling, Prevention and Management of Marine Corrosion, Marine Communication Systems, OCIMF, CIRE, CDI, COW/IG, ECDIS, GMDSS, HUET, VTS, ARPA, ISM, and ISPS. Further, he is an expert in Detection & Control on Ships & Offshore Operation, Marine Pollution, Handling of Dangerous Goods in Ships & Terminals, Survival from Ships & Offshore Structures, Firefighting, Fire Prevention, Medical First Aid & Medical Care. Currently, he is the Chairman of the International Ships Register in Spain that provides marine consultancy services, investigation, registry and ships inspection.

During his career life, Captain Tapias has gained his technical and marine expertise through various challenging and key positions such as the Marine Training Director, Marine Ship Chairman, Marine School Chairman, Master & Chief Officer, Marine Auditor, Marine Surveyor, Nautical Inspector Chemical Vessels Construction Supervisor, Ship Filing Agent, Ship Special Agent, Ship Registration Agent for several international companies.

Captain Tapias has Master and Bachelor degrees in Marine Engineering and Business Administration from the University of Complutense (Madrid). He is also a Master of Spanish Merchant Marine and Marine Loss Control.  Further, he is a Certified Marine Surveyor, Port State Control Inspector and ISPS Officer as well as a Certified Auditor in Environmental Management.  He has obtained multiple certifications in Firefighting, Survival Craft, Ship Tankers, Crude Oil Tankers, Gas Carriers, Chemical Carriers, Ships Handling, Bunkering, Marine Loss Control, Marine Pollution Control and many more.