Instructor's Summary

Mr. Mustafa Aziz

Mr. Mustafa Aziz is a Senior Electromechanical Engineer with over 40 years of extensive experience in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. His expertise includes Electrical Drawing, Single Line Diagram, Transformer, Logic Diagram, Vibration Analysis, HVAC, Air-Conditioning, Heat Transfer, Elevator Design, Elevator Installation, Elevator Maintenance, Elevator Inspection, Elevator Testing, Building & Facilities Management, Piping (RTRP, GRP, GRE, HDPP), Pipelines, Rotating & Static Equipment such as GE Gas Turbines, boilers, pumps, condensers, bearings, compressors as well as combustion techniques, lubrication technology, root cause analysis, distribution systems, generators, switchgear, water treatment and shutdown & start-up operation. He is currently a Senior Consultant providing consultancy and training services on different fields of engineering & management to various companies and institutions in the USA, South America, South Pacific and the Middle East

During his career life, Mr. Aziz was the Senior Control Operations Manager of Youngstown Thermal Company in the USA where he was responsible for the operation & maintenance of the power plant, managed auxiliary operators and managed the operation of high pressure boilers, feedwater pumps (steam/electric) condensers, steam turbines, compressors & control panels.  He was also the Utilities Engineer of St. Joseph Riverside Hospital where he maintained the hospital’s power & utilities plant, operated gas-fired boilers, pumps, compressors and distribution systems and coordinated with maintenance crews & contractors.  He has been the Power & Water Plant Superintendent of Holmes & Narver Services where he managed plant operators, mechanics & maintenance personnel in power & water plant.  He further developed & implemented unit turnarounds, PM schedules, plant maintenance procedures, replacement of plant auxiliary equipment & DC control power systems and developed inspection procedure for incoming plant equipment.  In addition to this, he held the positions of Technical Manager, Utilities Maintenance Engineer, Plant Start-Up Technical Advisor, Electrical Power Engineer, Operating Engineer and Electrical Power Production Specialist in various companies such as Dallas Worth Regional Airport, Federal Electric Company, Bechtel International, Foster & Associates, Republic Steel Corporation, Ohio Edison Company and the US Air Force

As an expert Industrial Trainer, he worked as Senior Industrial Skills Training Supervisor in one of the largest oil companies in the Middle East where he was responsible for the OJT program of the oil refinerys operation and maintenance divisions and as Plant Training Manager for MW Kellogg Company where he developed training programs for managers, engineers & technicians, developed OJT plant operation procedures for the utilities department, implemented classroom and hands-on trainings for the development of the company’s personnel.  He was also the Electro-Mechanical Training Supervisor of the Litton Company in the Middle East where he trained the military personnel in the operation & maintenance of the diesel-electric plant equipment, developed & implemented plans for new diesel electric plant laboratory for training and evaluating training skill level. He also developed course materials and provided classroom instruction on diesel-electric power generation

Mr. Aziz has a Bachelor degree in Electromechanical Engineering and he obtained certification as an Industrial Skills Trainer.